Class Action Lawsuit List | Open & Current Cases

This is's current list of open lawsuits and investigations. The goal of this section is to provide consumers with a comprehensive resource on class action and mass tort lawsuits.

Actived: Thursday Mar 4, 2021


Class Action Lawsuit List | Open & Current Cases ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) This is's current list of open lawsuits and investigations. The goal of this section is to provide consumers with a comprehensive resource on class action and mass tort lawsuits.

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Class Action Settlements & Rebates

Posted: (0 seconds ago) A settlement claim deadline has not yet been established. If you own a home with Allura fiber cement siding that was manufactured by Plycem between February 1, 2014 and February 18, 2015, you may be included in this settlement.

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Samsung Oven Range Lawsuit | Temperature Problems ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) A class action lawsuit has been filed against Samsung Electronics alleging several dozen of its gas and electric range models suffer from a defect that makes it unreasonably difficult for consumers to use the appliances for their intended purpose – to cook food.. According to the suit, a problem involving the temperature sensor is causing the ranges to either not heat up or heat up too much ...

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‘Particularly Egregious’: US Fertility Hit with Class ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) New to Read our Newswire Disclaimer. US Fertility, LLC faces a proposed class action centered on a reported September 2020 data breach in which hackers armed with ransomware gained access to a trove of personal information from the fertility clinic support services company’s clients.

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How to Start a Class Action Lawsuit |

Posted: (0 seconds ago) A person may be able to start a class action if he or she is injured, either financially or physically, because of the wrongful actions of a corporation and believes others were harmed in the same way.

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Smile Direct Club Lawsuits | Complaints and Problems ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) The plaintiff’s alleged injuries are not uncommon among SmileDirect customers. Users have reported that their gums have bled or receded, that their teeth felt loose to the point the patient feared they would fall out, and that the aligners cut their gums.. Below is a sample of complaints posted online by those who used the company’s products [sic throughout]:

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Air Fryer Fire Lawsuits | Emeril, Power XL, Tristar ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Attorneys working with are investigating whether a class action lawsuit can be filed on behalf of people who purchased an Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360, Tristar Power AirFryer Oven and Tristar Power AirFryer XL.. A number of complaints have been posted online that the air fryers can smoke and potentially catch fire and attorneys are looking into whether a defect is to blame.

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Bosch Wall Oven Problems Lawsuit | 800 Series ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Attorneys working with are investigating whether a defect is causing problems in the Bosch 800 Series electric oven or microwave combo. If you had issues, learn more.

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Metformin Cancer Lawsuits | NDMA Toxicity |

Posted: (0 seconds ago) NDMA Toxicity and the Metformin Cancer Risk . Animal studies have revealed the toxic effects of ingesting NDMA to include liver cancer, liver disease, lung cancer, internal bleeding and death. In light of these findings, the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ATSDR) states that it is “reasonable to expect” that ingesting NDMA could also cause cancer in humans.

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Wawa Data Breach Lawsuit | What to Do, Join |

Posted: (0 seconds ago) February 22, 2021 – Settlement Reached Attorneys for the plaintiffs have asked the court to preliminarily approve a $12 million settlement to resolve claims that Wawa failed to take adequate steps to protect the payment card information of its customers. Under the proposed deal, approximately 22 million Wawa customers would be eligible for a piece of the settlement, which provides Wawa gift ...

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Opting Out of Class Actions |

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Why You Should Talk to a Lawyer Before Opting Out A Lawyer Can Help You Weigh the Pros and Cons: If you are considering opting out of a class action, it is important to speak to a lawyer to discuss whether the potential benefits of filing an individual lawsuit outweigh the benefits of remaining a class member.

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Vaginal Mesh Problems: Signs and Symptoms | Bladder Slings

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Transvaginal mesh systems were designed to treat urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in women by providing extra support to the pelvic organs and relieving the discomforting symptoms of leakage and pressure.

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Looking for Updates on the Samsung Ice Maker Lawsuit? Here ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) The class action lawsuit centered on allegedly defective Samsung ice makers appears to be moving along—albeit slowly. As it stands right now, however, there are still no significant updates to share. According to the case’s docket, telephone conferences involving the plaintiffs’ and Samsung’s attorneys were held on May 19 and July 29, and another is scheduled before the judge for ...

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Formaldehyde Hair Product Lawsuits | Shampoo, Keratin ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Attorneys working with would like to speak to anyone who purchased certain haircare products and experienced hair loss and/or scalp irritation.. They’re investigating whether class action lawsuits can be filed in light of claims that the products contain either DMDM hydantoin, a preservative that can release formaldehyde upon contact with water, or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

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Settlement Reached in Class Action Over Chevy Equinox, GMC ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) The settlement deal discussed on this page has been given preliminary approval by U.S. District Judge Robin L. Rosenberg. According to the order, attorneys on the case and the settlement administrator will now prepare a final version of the class notice to be sent to those eligible to participate in the settlement. This notice will be mailed “no later than 30 days” from when the settlement ...

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Samsung Ice Maker Lawsuits | Freezing Up Problems ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) April 25, 2019 - Mediator Selected At the beginning of April, we told you over on our blog that the class action lawsuit over troublesome Samsung ice makers had been ordered by the court into private mediation. Now, all parties involved have informed judge Claire C. Cecchi that they have mutually selected a mediator to handle the matter. Because of plaintiffs’ counsel’s trial schedule for ...

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Oven Door Glass Lawsuits | Shattering, Exploding ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) What Brands Are Being Looked Into? The attorneys are not limiting their investigation to a single brand or manufacturer. They’re looking into Kenmore, GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, LG, KitchenAid and Electrolux ovens, among others, as the oven doors may have all been manufactured by the same company or companies.

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F-150 Oil Consumption Lawsuit | 2018 Burning Problems ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Why Is My Ford F150 Burning So Much Oil? This is the very issue attorneys working with are investigating. Ford issued a technical service bulletin in May 2019 regarding excessive oil consumption in 2018 Ford F-150s, but the notice said little regarding the cause of the problem. The notice instead provided guidance to dealerships on how to correct the issue.

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