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Posted: Thursday Nov 26, 2020

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Why is fitness important? - Quora

Posted: (3 days ago) * Heart throb: Rishi Kapoor in his youth was known for his good looks and fit body. He was slim and quite active to undertake tough shooting assignments. [1] * As a story goes ; during his younger days; he lived a disciplinarian life under gaze o...


What is physical fitness? - Quora

Posted: (2 days ago) Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. Fitness can be described as a condition that helps us look, feel and do our best. That means being able t...


What are the top tips for physical fitness? - Quora

Posted: (5 days ago) I am currently a student at DoMS, IIT Roorkee. So as a student living outside your home is a bit difficult task to maintain fitness. So here is the daily schedule of mine to keep myself fit through out the day. It might help a lot of students stud...


What is your fitness goal? - Quora

Posted: (9 days ago) I like to think of my personal fitness goals in terms of what I want to be able to do in several years. Or what I will be able to do at 50, 60 or 80 years old. For now, I’m 22 and in decent shape. I like running and exercising, but enjoy short wor...

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What can be some debate topics on health and fitness? - Quora

Posted: (4 days ago) Thanks for the A2a. On the top of my head 1. Physical fitness is better than mental fitness. 2. Physical Education should be mandatory. 3. Obesity is a disease not a disorder. 4. Obesity is an eating disorder 5. Promotion of unhealthy body image i...


Is there an exercise channel on Dish Network? - Quora

Posted: (2 days ago) according to this: Fitness/exercise channels? V living has exercise programs Z Living- Watch Healthy Living TV DISH Network Adds Leading Wellness Channel Veria(TM) TV to HD Programming - DISH Systems There would also be online feeds you could pick...