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One name, two kick-ass workouts. CLASS, a modern twist on traditional boxing and high-intensity interval training classes. Led by top instructors, you’ll be pushed through 50 challenging minutes leaving you sweaty, tired, but satisfied. Our two distinct yet complimentary classes, Box and HIIT, offer something for everyone and keep your workouts fresh. By incorporating multiple different pieces of exercise equipment, workouts are constantly changing and evolving so you will never be bored. Burn up to 700* calories, bui…

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UFC Gym UK Franchise | Run your own UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) UFC GYM will be opening 105 locations in the UK & Ireland over the next 10 years, with 80% available to franchise. We are looking to partner with 25-30 single and multi-site franchise owners, with recruitment led by Accentia Franchise Consultants.

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Membership | UFC Gym UK - UFC GYM UK | Gyms & Fitness

Posted: (52 years ago) Please let us know the location of the UFC Gym you would like to join. We will update this list as more opportunites become available. For Nottingham, please register here.

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Nottingham Competition | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) Just checking you're a real person... Please click the 'I'm not a robot' text below to verify.

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UFC GYM UK | Gyms & Fitness | MMA Training

Posted: (52 years ago) Coronavirus Update. In accordance with the UK government’s directive, all our locations are closed temporarily. As always, the health and wellbeing of our community remains a top priority in this ever-evolving, unprecedented situation – for our Coronavirus update please click here.

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Careers | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) Above all, we strive to build up our community—a team of fitness enthusiasts that welcomes and pushes anyone and everyone to do and be their best. UFC ® GYM™ is the first major brand extension of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the all-time industry leader in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. In alliance with New Evolution Ventures ...

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General Fitness | UFC Gym UK - UFC GYM UK | Gyms & Fitness

Posted: (52 years ago) THE BEST EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR BEST WORKOUT. At UFC GYM ®, we keep our fitness equipment in top-notch condition for your cardiovascular, strength training, and functional training needs so you can sweat it out any time. All our locations will feature the latest gym equipment—from state-of-the-art treadmills, elliptical trainers, bikes and more.

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Nottingham | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) [email protected]ufcgym.co.uk. 0115 896 5311. Join us now. General Opening Hours. Monday 5am - 11pm. Tuesday 5am - 11pm. Wednesday 5am - 11pm. Thursday 5am - 11pm. Friday 5am - 11pm.

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Coronavirus Update UFC Gym UK | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) Coronavirus UK Updates. In light of the recent government directive to close all fitness facilities it is with regret and a heavy heart we have been forced to close our doors – for the short term. As per UK government guidance on 31.10.20, UFC GYM Nottingham will be closing on 05.11.20 until 02.12.20 or a further update is released.

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About UFC Gym UK | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) UFC Gym® Core. UFC GYM ® locations are open seven days a week and typically range in size from 8,000 to 15,000 square feet. There are several locations throughout the U.S. and Canada and they continue to grow. Numerous group, family, and youth group classes are offered, including Boxing Conditioning, Striking, MMA, and Daily Ultimate Training ®.

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Work with UFC GYM | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) Step 3: All tailored and specific proposals will be responded to in some format. Spam, phishing or generic proposals and emails will not be. If queries or further details are required, RICHARD will contact you in due course, and if successful, submit the proposal to the Executive Board of UFC GYM UK …

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Landlords | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) UFC GYM® is part of one of the biggest sports brands in the world. We are looking for suitable premises to open corporate and franchise clubs across the UK and Republic of Ireland and we welcome both direct and agent enquiries. If you believe you have a potential site for one of our UFC Gym ® clubs we would love to hear from you.

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Posted: (52 years ago) Why UFC GYM Nottingham is the Ultimate training facility for everyone . With successful franchises in Australia, North America, the United Arab...

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Press | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) LONDON – UFC GYM ®, the first major brand extension of UFC ®, today announced that the first two United Kingdom based locations will open in Nottingham’s City Centre (157 Huntingdon Street, Nottingham, NG1 3NL) and in Woking (12 – 14 The Centrium, Victoria Road, Woking, GU22 7PB) in April 2019. The new fitness facilities enter the UK ...

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Mixed Martial Arts | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) TRAIN LIKE AN MMA CHAMPION. The UFC GYM ® Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) athlete is the best-trained athlete in the world.* Preparing for competition in the Octagon™ requires a regimen of cross-functional training that builds exceptional strength, stamina, and discipline through the practice of …

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Personal Training | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) GO FURTHER FASTER. Achieve your fitness goals through individual instruction and ongoing evaluation with a personal trainer at UFC GYM ®.Our trainers combine one-on-one training with functional fitness to enhance individual performance and also offer focused coaching in individual disciplines: Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, judo, and more.

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Posted: (52 years ago) UFC GYM is ready for its expansion across the UK & Ireland through franchising and to inspire communities to engage in fitness in a unique training atmosphere.

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Group Fitness | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) GO FURTHER TOGETHER. We take pride in our community—movers and change makers of all ages and fitness ranges uniting to go further, together. Group fitness is a great way to stay committed, form friendships, and have a great time while breaking a sweat.

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Functional Fitness | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) Each class is a varied combination of functional movements performed at relatively high intensity, amplifying your physical and mental acuity so you can own the trail or the boardroom. Functional Fitness encompasses everyday movements, focusing on speed, agility, range of motion, core strength, and flexibility, varying daily so you never sweat ...

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Rob McCullough Talks UFC GYM UK | News | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) Rob McCullough has travelled the globe certifying coaches for UFC GYM and after spending five-days on location at UFC GYM Nottingham, the Senior Director of MMA has commended the newest set of recruits for their incredible passion and eagerness to learn.

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Lockdown 2.0 - UFC GYM UK Covid-19 Statement | News | UFC ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Lockdown 2.0 - UFC GYM UK Covid-19 Statement. In light of the recent UK government directive to close all fitness facilities, it is with regret and a heavy heart we have been forced to close our doors again. Since re-opening in July 2020, we have re-designed our gym floor layouts and class timetables to allow for maximum social distancing ...

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Terms of Service | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) The following are the terms and conditions of use (the 'Terms of Use') of the website located at www.ufcgym.com(the 'Website'). The Website is the property of U Gym, LLC d/b/a UFC Gym® ('UFC Gym'). By accessing, browsing and/or otherwise using the Website you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree, to be bound by these Terms of Use. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS OF USE, DO NOT USE THE WEBSITE. Please note the arbitration provision set forth below, r…

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Contact us | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) © UFC GYM ®.All Rights Reserved. Terms of Service Privacy Policy Cookies Policy *All claims regarding results you may achieve are dependent on many factors and your ...

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Nottingham Gym Terms & Conditions | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) The below terms and conditions apply to ALL members, both adult and child memberships linked to other membership accounts. This includes family accounts and any available concession memberships given including but not limited to, OAP, NHS, and Student. We are committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all our members. The listed Terms and Conditions are in place to ensure that we – UFC GYM Nottingham - are committed to providing a high standard of service for you – our member.

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Youth CLasses | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) Classes—including kids yoga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, and more—focus on coordination, agility, speed, and strength. Our youth classes are led by experienced, youth and family fitness-certified instructors who consistently reinforce the UFC GYM ® mentality to never give up, keeping your kids motivated—even ...

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Posted: (52 years ago) UFC GYM Nottingham opens at 5:00 am, and as Martin explains, allows those who have early commitments such as work or school to get their day off to the right start. The morning session gives members the opportunity to engage with a boxing class or even a Daily Ultimate Training session. It may be fast-paced – in order to maximise the time of ...

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D.U.T. at UFC GYM Nottingham | News | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) UFC GYM certified coaches will put you through your paces, with each DUT workout burning between 355-500 calories on average. It may sound like a serious sweat buster, but DUT isn’t just about smashing out exercise after exercise. Our coaches take a duty of care in each and every individual, focusing on teaching safe technique and ...

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What Is CLASS UFC GYM? | News | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) What Is CLASS UFC GYM? UFC GYM UK is proud to introduce its internationally renowned boutique concept, CLASS UFC GYM, bringing the ultimate class training program to Woking, Surrey. CLASS UFC GYM Woking launches ahead of its counterpart UFC GYM Nottingham; a core club which – as we detailed in our last blog – fuses together the best ...

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UFC Gym Nottingham Coaches & Classes | News | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) UFC GYM Nottingham officially opened on October 1st 2019, a historical landmark for the brand in its European expansion. This follows on from the unveiling of the inaugural CLASS UFC GYM UK in Woking, which opened its doors to the public early in September 2019. General Manager, Ward – who possesses more than 20 years’ experience in leisure ...

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Posted: (52 years ago) Captivating, contemporary, a state-of-the-art facility. UFC GYM Nottingham has finally opened its doors and with it comes a revelation of grandeur for the health and fitness market in the United Kingdom.. The first core club launched by UFC GYM UK; located in the vibrant and diverse East Midlands city of Nottingham, boasts a unique set-up for its members.

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Why UFC GYM Nottingham is the Ultimate training facility ...

Posted: (52 years ago) The answer is a resounding, no! UFC GYM is the ultimate training facility for everyone. Furthermore, Head of Operations for UFC GYM, George Yiasemides explains the inclusive ethos behind UFC GYM and the importance of having signature locations like UFC GYM Nottingham to promote and assist people with their fitness. “It’s revolutionising the ...

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What is Percussive Massage Therapy? | News | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) Recovery isn’t just for athletes. Recovery isn’t something you should be doing once a week; it’s something that can help you in your everyday routine, pre or post workout.

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What is Class UFC Gym Woking? | News | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) This is why CLASS UFC GYM Woking focuses on engaging members through fast-paced 50-minute workouts. Get physical before work, after the school run or once the sun goes down. CLASS UFC GYM provides plenty of opportunities throughout the day to accommodate your schedule and help you to achieve your fitness goals. Work smarter, not harder.

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Posted: (52 years ago) 1. Wiping down kit and equipment pre and post-workout. 2. Screens in between equipment and additional spacing where possible. 3. NHS Track and Trace in place. 4. Increased cleaning measures before and after each class. “I am super excited to witness UFC Gym members return to the matt, octagon, turf, studio, and bag rack as our full timetable ...

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Privacy Policy | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) UFC GYM understands that your privacy is important to you and that you care about how your personal data is used and shared online. We respect and value the privacy of everyone who visits this website, www.ufcgym.co.uk ("Our Site") and will only collect and use personal data in ways that are described here, and in a manner that is consistent with Our obligations and your rights under law.

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CLASS UFC GYM COACH IN FOCUS - Hannah Rankin | News | UFC ...

Posted: (52 years ago) As UFC GYM and CLASS UFC GYM prepare to launch across the United Kingdom, we are proud to introduce a brand-new blog series highlighting the tremendously skilled coaches that are involved with the UFC GYM UK project.. A world boxing champion is coming to CLASS UFC GYM UK! CLASS UFC GYM UK is proud to welcome new coach, IBO super-welterweight champion, Hannah Rankin.

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UFC GYM Nottingham Reopens! | News | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) Apr 12, 2021  · Evolve or Expire. Behind closed doors we took on the challenge of keeping our fitness and martial arts passions alive. We re-grouped, we planned and we delivered through our hugely popular Coaches challenges and mindset insights, community workouts and to now to the present day we now are immensely proud of our brand new UFC GYM Fitness App.We truly believe the UFC athletes, …

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Posted: (52 years ago) UFC GYM is proud to partner with NormaTec, the industry leader in compression recovery technology. Their cutting-edge compression systems help athletes warm up pre-workout, and recover quickly post training and competition. As NormaTec increases in popularity, it’s being used in a variety of settings. Sports teams, CrossFit athletes, runners ...

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Cookies Policy | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) Name of Cookie. First / Third Party. Provider. Purpose. _ga _gid _gat. First. Google Analytics. Used to register a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how a visitor uses the website.

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UFC GYM COACH IN FOCUS - Tolly Plested | News | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) UFC GYM is proud to welcome a pioneer of British combat sports to the accredited coaching team. Heading up the MMA and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) programme at UFC GYM Nottingham, Tolly Plested brings his wealth of experience to the gym, as a former professional MMA athlete and 1 st degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelt. “It was an honour to be ...

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What is Compression Therapy? | News | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) NormaTec Compression Therapy uses patented pulse massage patterns to boost recovery by moving excess fluid and lactic acid from tired muscles and enhancing blood flow to improve circulation of fresh, oxygenated blood throughout the body, helping to stimulate recovery, …

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Pre & Post Workout Nutrition | News | UFC Gym UK

Posted: (52 years ago) Fuelling your body pre and post-workout is crucial for performance and recovery. Though there are no true ‘one size fits all’ quick formulas, there are a few fundamentals that everyone can keep in mind.

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