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Response, Resilience & Recovery A Collection of COVID-19 Articles & Resources VOLUME 2. Response, Resilience & Recovery is a curated collection of COVID-19 articles and resources produced and compiled by WorldatWork.. This second edition of a three-volume set highlights how employers and employees remained resilient in the midst of a devastating global pandemic.

Posted: Monday Nov 23, 2020


Fit for Duty: ADA, FMLA and Discrimination Disputes in a ...

Posted: (2 days ago) Lastly, in terms of information a company can receive when someone is coming back to the workplace following a quarantine, COVID-19-related quarantine or recovering from the actual illness itself, the ADA and the Family and Medical Leave Act both allow an employer to gather what we call a fitness-for-duty certification that the person is ...


WorldatWork | Wellness Program Basics -- 7 Questions to ...

Posted: (8 days ago) Fitness breaks throughout the day On-site "farmer's market" days where employees can shop for local produce right at the workplace Quick and healthy cooking demos.


WorldatWork | Holistic Wellness and the Case for Onsite Care

Posted: (7 days ago) Dave Drap Chief Growth Officer | Virtudent Dave brings over 25 years of sales and operations experience to Virtudent. He has worked in the health and wellness space, both on the individual side and the corporate wellness side, during his time at Life Time Fitness, Club Corporation of America, and Wellness IQ.


WorldatWork | Using Data to Drive Total Rewards Decisions ...

Posted: (2 days ago) Kathleen brings more than 20 years of experience in designing and implementing wellness, fitness, occupational health, EAP, benefits, and work/life programs. As the Northeast & Southeast Region’s Practice Leader, Kathleen works with Gallagher teams and clients to design holistic strategies to address the total employee value proposition ...


2019 Inventory of Total Rewards Programs & Practices

Posted: (2 days ago) Discounted fitness-club membership (n=658) On-site fitness center (n=665) On-site fitness classes (n=657) Healthy cafeteria/vending machine options subsidized by the employer (n=647) Fitness-related subsidies (n=637) NEW! Is the following program offered at your organization to some or all employees? NEW! NEW! NEW!

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WorldatWork | Case Study: The Sloan Valve Co. Approach to ...

Posted: (2 days ago) Biggest loser contest — Our biggest loser contest has been one of our most successful programs. We offer weekly weight management sessions and give prizes in the form of exercise equipment. First prize receives $2,500 in fitness equipment, and second prize receives $1,000. Third prize receives $500.

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WorldatWork | Effective Wellness Incentives What Works

Posted: (5 months ago) Many employers have leveraged interdepartmental rivalry and team camaraderie to spur fitness and weight loss at relatively low cost. In addition, employers are creatively restructuring limited incentive dollars by raising the requirements from year to year to earn rewards. One national manufacturer initially offered incentives, in the form of ...


WorldatWork | Sharing Our Company's Journey to Total Wellness

Posted: (11 days ago) The cornerstone program, TotalWellness, focuses on 6 pillars — prevention, education, physical activity, nutrition, financial fitness and community service. Every aspect of TotalWellness is created in-house by the Benefits and Wellness Team, whose collective talents are leveraged to design and implement all of our wellness programs.


Your Total Rewards Inventory - WorldatWork | Total Rewards

Posted: (2 days ago) p Fitness Club Memberships p Discounted/Subsidized Fitness Club Rates p Weight Management Program p Tobacco Cessation Program p On-Site Massage p Stress Management Programs p Immunization Clinics p Nutritional Counseling p Healthy Cafeteria options p Healthy Vending Machines

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